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Forget your Tenses Now!

China Military

Its been a decade when the world still controlled by people who still talked and writen in English, now the time has change for Chinese to took the liberty in controlling all aspects in crucial sectors such as, Economy, Politics, Culture even Lifestyle. The most interesting fact that start from small product in your house until huge machine in every factory has been labeled by their nation which is “Made in China”.

Some people concern about this, every single block in their country have found new courses open “How to speak in Mandarin”. World do rotate, this is a moment when the largest races to rule and influence in all countries. When all companies start to advertise their job vacancy in the newspaper : Mandarin language preferable, when the biggest holding company from China investing their money in almost half region of the world, when every people start to find Chinese restaurant to have dinner, are you going to stay put in your English class and learning all those tenses?

Another amazing articles comes up when I wrote this issue about why we need to start learn chinesse language, this article below was taken from Yahoo! Asia news.

BEIJING (AFP) – China’s military successfully hacked into the Pentagon’s computer network, raising fears it could disrupt the US defence department’s systems, the Financial Times reported Tuesday.

The Chinese military’s cyber attack was carried out in June following months of efforts, the London-based newspaper said, citing unnamed current and former US officials.

While the Pentagon declined to say who was behind the hacking, which led to the shutdown of a computer system serving the office of Defence Secretary Robert Gates, officials told the paper it was China’s People’s Liberation Army.

“The PLA has demonstrated the ability to conduct attacks that disable our system,” the paper quoted a former US official as saying.

One senior US official reportedly said the Pentagon had pinpointed the exact origin of the attack.

The paper quoted another person familiar with the event as saying there was a “very high level of confidence… trending towards total certainty” that the PLA was responsible.


The paper said both the US and Chinese militaries were widely assumed to conduct computer espionage on each other.

“But US officials said the penetration in June raised concerns to a new level because of fears that China had shown it could disrupt systems at critical times,” the Financial Times reported.

A spokesman for the Chinese defence ministry declined to comment on the report when contacted by AFP on Tuesday.

China’s foreign ministry also declined to comment immediately, asking for questions to be faxed through.

Reports of China hacking into German government systems were also raised last week between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

German weekly Der Spiegel reported that espionage programmes traced to the PLA had been detected in computer systems at Merkel’s office, the foreign ministry and other government agencies in Berlin.

“We in the government took (the reports) as a matter of grave concern,” Wen said after meeting Merkel.

  1. Anna Andayani
    September 30, 2007 at 3:06 am

    Hey! I already learn chinese language rite now..I mean I’m doin it rite now =D..It’s already 2months to go..Eventhough it’s not an easy language,but still exciting! Guess u’re rite..In every companies we’ve been seen lately,we see that they are looking or always preferable chinese language much than english..well,I dont say that english is not used at all..It’s already become Universal language..But i think it’s grooming..English language is “general” thing now.. And in the next years,we’ll see that chinese are going to be the leader of many aspect..Mostly in economic and politics..

    Guess now,we’re not only have to learn how to speak in chinese..But also we need to “think like chinese”!! Do u get the point @_@

  2. Andri Gilang
    October 1, 2007 at 6:50 am

    No Doubt, u rite’ anna thanks for u’r comment. We need to think like them too, they known as a great trader in our country because their way of thinkin’. Its amazing to know that u also take a mandarin course, it will give an advantage for u. Good luck.

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