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Samsons “For You”, do they really care?

“It’s all about the things called love

make me do everything for you…”

Irfan samsons

It’s a part of lyrics showed on the first introduction of Samsons Band video clip, one of the new rising stars in Indonesia music industries, in these video clips their trying to showed the role of Indonesian peace force Garuda XXIIIA that being placed in Lebanon. A children smile to his father who is army forces, hugs his wife, and tried to cheers them up before a goodbye is part of the scene in the clips. There is also part of the scene of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) whom you already know is The President of Republic of Indonesia, in this clip showed his thankfulness by shaking hands to all the peace forces that going to do their duty.

The moment that their trying to showed is worked to attract the viewer emotions. The synergy between Samsons as a band and SBY as a President is trying to manipulated by showing to the public how they really care about the peace force in Lebanon. But for me is just another duet between marketing strategy and political image, of course this a very perfect marketing. Samsons as a band is trying to sell their album to make money and increase up popularity, since from the starts of their first hit single “Kenangan yang terindah” (a beautiful memories) they don’t have another breakthrough singles in music charts, so this will bring back their popularity against another band such as “Ungu band”, “Letto Band”, or “Kerispatih Band”.

SBY as president trying to shows a good image to the public which can bring up his popularity as a good leader and early promotion before the next election. This signaling to the public despite of his slow decision maker habit, he also have another good side of character as a leader to be considered.

I’m not telling this because I hate SBY as a leader or I hate Samsons as a band, I do admire and support SBY as President RI and I also like to listened to Samson songs, but I’m sick of group of person trying to make fooled of nationalism in order to make them richer and give someone popularity, supports the peace force by showing their emotional moment with their family, I agree, but do they really care?

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  1. guebukanmonyet
    September 30, 2007 at 11:29 am

    Hey, bro what’s up? You have a blog now, great. And A great article too. It’s indeed interesting to see how Samsons tried to link its song with nationalism and everything, some may not see it as a sincere one. I kinda agree on that idea, plus I don’t like the song. For me, Rage Against The Machine rocks!


  2. Andri Gilang
    October 1, 2007 at 6:41 am

    Thanks sa, you’re my inspiration, its true.
    Agree with you, its just another marketing idea right, RATM rocks? of course their music better than ‘samsons’.

  3. Anna Andayani
    October 1, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    yeahh..basicly it’s not that great song..It’s quite good lookin enough because in these video clips we can see our President showed up with his family and the armys thing..such drama..makes us curious wanted to see..

    I used to like listened to Samsons’ song, but I dont care.. Do you??

  4. October 12, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Whaha Great Article Gil, Thats a kind of Marketing Politics, I reed the book yesterday, kalo ga salah judulnya Marketing Politik dan The Power of PR, wah mantep dah…untung intelektual muda2 kita kaya gilang n gbm udah tau dan ga bakal ketipu…gil maaf ngerusak blog pake komen bahasa indo, dimaklumi yak ga pernah ke barat soalnya, wass.

    Ohya klo boleh saran lu harus punya AKA biar ga polos “Andri Gilang” kan kurang keren tuh…ok gil thx

  5. October 21, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    No they don’t.It’s a conspiracy if u ask me.The rest i agree with u..

  6. yonna
    October 30, 2007 at 7:12 am

    ya ya bener….cuma marketing strategy u/ samsons (cokelat juga) dan popularitas bagi SBY.

    gimanapun juga, si pencetus ide tau banget kalo menjual keharuan dan air mata itu paling laris disini…untuk hal yang satu itu saya salut ma dia siapapun orangnya :mrgreen:

    buat kita yang tau akan strategi di balik itu, hanya nyengir dan mengganti channel saat klip itu ditayangkan. kayanya cuma ditayangkan selama 17 agst doang ya? atau ditayangkan di hari lain juga?

    sekedar reminder neh, moga2 kita gak berubah pikiran ya, sekarang tidak setuju besok atau 17-an taun depan malah nungguin klip ini tayang dan ikut meneteskan air mata saat menonton scene tsb hehehe :mrgreen:

  7. November 2, 2007 at 8:08 am


    Company label pastinya, kalau gak mereka gak akan bertahan di bidang ini, butuh kreatifitas dan bisa mendatangkan profit, hehe… setiap baca artikel ini gw sendiri muter video klip nya… lol (^_^)

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