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My Final Exam is Coming

StudyingWell, right now I’m counting backward for the next 48 hours to go to my final exam. I’ve completely done nothing within these week, three assignment left make my wanna burn myself alive, I can’t even organize my own lunch, dinner, even my breakfast time. Every time I have an hour to read or just doing the simple calculation it will end up on browsing every website that I never wanted to go before, checking inbox in my email even I know that I already setup the mail alert for each new mail coming, even open my own friendster and facebook profile that I change every time log on to that social networking site.

I need to study for my final exam, no my mistake, I “must” study. Ok, I need to change my method then. If I can’t study because of this technology-human-made called Internet, so I just study on it :mrgreen:

Obviously, you can stop reading this post if you want to, but if you keep insisted, please keep silent and lower your voice when read it [Don’t disturbed, I’m Studying]

Q1. If you are an investor and have the right to choose a fund manager between Joe, who can managed the fund and get yourself return for 10% or Marry, Who can give a lot more return around 15%, which one will you choose?

A1: It depends on how you measures the return,

(1) Jensen measurement

-] Look at the portfolio with the same Beta (B) and define the distance between the portfolio with security market line(SML) also known as Jensen alpha (Ja)

-] Who have the higher alpha have the better performance (by the amount that beat the market)

(2) Treynor measurement

-] Look excess over the market and divided per Beta (B) you choose

-] Compare with the slope, for every B give a better performance

(3) Sharpe ratio

-] Return / Sigma (V)

I do remember this part, my lecture called it as “resurrection of sigma”, sigma dead now it come a live.The logic is : If we want to beat the market, so we need diversification by use sigma (v) as a good measure of risk.

Q2: What does it mean by moral hazard

A2: A condition when the contract changes some one behavior that set aside the risk into the other side (e.g. Insurance)

-] screening resolution : give some menu, and pick one

-] signaling resolution : separating equilibrium, to prevent competitor to mimicking the good one

-] uniary signaling : the way to differentiate, which is costless

-] adverse selection : only sick people will bought an insurance, the healthy one will feel it to expensive.

-] self selection : selecting by your own

Great!!, this method seems working for me, at least I learn two question today, the rest of it is some calculation and reading, which I can’t do it here. Urrgh…. back to conventional way then. I’m gonna back to sleep now, dreaming my big days will coming in the next 24 hours, wish me luck.

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  1. November 7, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    haha, I just finished my midterm exam today, lucky me..

    I had the same problem with you actually, I already know that one of my midterms would be held this evening (wednesday, november 7th) from 1 month ago. I should have started studying from last week since I had four days national holiday, but all I did was:

    November 1st-November 4th: traveling to Vienna
    November 5th: just like you, sitting in front of computer and browsing some websites and blogs, checked my facebook account, and debating in Internet forum for the whole day
    November 6th 6pm: just realized that I haven’t even touched the textbook, and the fact that I had to read more than 400 pages from the textbook and handouts almost drove me crazy last night..

    fortunately, I did pretty well on the test today, haha.. God’s with me..

    so, good luck Gilang.. haha..

  2. yonna
    November 8, 2007 at 2:22 am

    gilang mau UAS ato skripsi maksudnya?? kalo UAS then good luck….kalo skripsi….have a nice hard work :mrgreen:

    ojo mumet baca soal2 ujian yang ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris yach hehehe…


    *itulah mengapa daku wogah ambil S2 karena masih trauma ama ujian dan thesis 😆

  3. colson
    November 8, 2007 at 8:33 am

    I’m sure you will succeed. Just to be on the safe side I add my wishes for your good luck.

    (One advice on how to spend the last 24 hours before D-day: do relax, be cool and by all means make love).

  4. November 9, 2007 at 7:42 am

    @ Yuki,
    You must be god damn smart, haven’t touched the textbook and 400 pages to read till the last minute, but you did it pretty well? wish I had your brain.

    @Yonna and Colson,
    Thanks for u’r support, I cross my finger for the results. The thing was, I am not so sure with my own answer today. I hope (at least) passed on this lecturer, and Colson, I do spread the love last night… thx

  5. November 10, 2007 at 7:23 am

    soo how did it go? liat contoh soalnya aja gue udah langsung juling..kayaknya superduper susah ya o_O

  6. November 10, 2007 at 10:58 am

    How did it go? susah gak ngerti maklum metode pembelajaran nya salah LoL, thanks for the support

  7. November 11, 2007 at 12:03 am

    haha, I’m not smart gilang, I’m just lucky.. a month before the exam, the teacher listed 14 main topics to be covered for the final exam, and he would only choose 4-5 out of those 14 topics to be answered in the exam.. then, I just prepared for 4-5 topics and skimmed those 400 pages like crazy, then fortunately those 5 topics, which I prepared, appeared in the exam, haha..
    how was it?

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