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Crazy Rules

Living in Jakarta is a quite stressful experience for me or maybe everyone who lived here.

Jakarta, as a capital city, is populated more than 8 million people with only has an area of 661.52 square kilometers (around 12,000 person/sqr meter). So, can you imagine what kind of experience that you will face everyday, if you drove a car to your work? Even myself who doing it for 5 days in a week, still can’t believe I’m doing it.

I woke up every morning at 5.30. Go to work around 6.15 and spent my damn 2 hours in the street to get to my office, which is it will only takes around 45 minutes if you drove in Sunday morning. The problem is, I don’t  really matter with the long hour that I spent, but more with the trafic condition. Especially my experience dealing with motorcyclist.

If I can give you an illustrations, they just look like ‘Water in a labyrinth ‘. Always trying to find spaces to go through. Doing their acrobatic maneuver without looking their mirror if they want to cross between the line. It made me crazy.

And you know what? Sometime I do have this evil mind. If I was allowed to make a rule about punishment for bad motorbike driver, I will make the rule as crazy as this “Every car driver who saw motorbike driving irresponsibly,  they are allowed to crash their own car to them with maximum speed around 80 km/hr, and with minimum injured broken leg and broken arm”

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