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It’s been a while

It is been time. yup, it is been a while.

Finally I have this strength and courage to start writing again, even though I am not sure it is going to be a continuous things that I would do.

From now on I will try to write and talk about everything that glance in my mind. Current issues lately in my country is more about “cicak dan buaya”, “SBY slow making decision”, and others political issues.

However, what make my eyes move onto different spot was about dollar has reached the lowest level after 14th years against Japanese yen. My analysis when this thing happen it will impacts on total value of Japanese export to US, since their economy was very dependent by the export activities.

I am concerns about the next wave of financial crisis that will took a different forms and ways that will start hitting the east Asia country like Japan and Korea.

Japan as the most powerful country in Asia, been spending a lot of their foreign investment to Indonesia. If this crisis really happen, Indonesia need to start looking for new market access and arrange new economic cooperation with China or India, that will be the next BIG things after Japan. In terms of developing countries, Indonesia is now growing massively but without strong fundamental planning. Infrastructure and beraucracy reform is the answers of Indonesia future development.

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