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My New Social Browser

I’ve almost spent my whole day in front of computer -technically speaking- trying to finished my daily task. Preparing presentations, analysing chart, or even sending an email to respective stakeholders. These minute-to-minute jobs limited my time to check my social network website, whether updating my twitt status or even just jump between one news website to another.

This multi-tasking activities are indeed need to be fulfilled immediately. Therefore, i found a very interesting trending topic on twitter one day called “RockMelt”.

RockMelt is a new kind of social browser where you can have a sidebar (edge) of every website link as an answer for your easiness and on the other edges you can list your friends to have chat with. This new web browser is hard to get, because you can not directly downloaded at first, unless subscribe your email address to be sent the download link within 1 week. Yup 1 (one) week, this what makes it worth to be waited.

Now as I’m writing my post, i can easily check the update on my various rss link.

PS: Let me know if you want to download it, I’ll invite you through my FB account. thanks

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