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Indonesia slightly win 1-0 over Philippines

It is two days before the game, my friends and I are very eager to watched the semifinal between Indonesia and Philippines, so we headed to every possibilities to get the tickets. The ticket was sold out, just mention it from Ibu Dibyo and Raja Karcis. Fortunately there is a technology called e-ticket (or so-called “our fearness”), we actually know that there is an official AFF online booking for the ticket, but we are to high-techly afraid to used our Visa or Master Card to buy the tickets.

So the short story goes to the day where We’ve got the tickets, and ready to go to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

Stadion GBK

It’s my first experience to watch the football match live, the crowd was so awesome, my heart was beat so fast since “Indonesia Raya” our national anthem was singing out load by more than 70,000 supporter.

Then, it was a good game, of course because Indonesia won for 1 goal headed by Christian Gonzales in 35 minutes of the game. The improvement of Indonesia football team have created an euphoria among Indonesian, we are so proud of them and will always be. I can not wait to watch the 2nd leg of the game between Indonesia vs Philippines in January 19, 2010.

Side Pictures:

We managed to had some Otak-otak (fishcake) before the game.

The crowd around GBK area, they can’t wait to see our national team.

picture taken outside the stadium.

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