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How to Overcome Economic Problems in Indonesia

Being a good leader is not enough for someone like SBY in order to overcome the fundamental economy problem, such as poverty, in Indonesia. A country with more than 250 million population, with density more than 50% in the island of Java, has more potential and economic power in East Asia compare to Malaysia and Thailand, need to be chaired by someone who put his life and dream for this nation. Looking to next couple of years when the next presidential election will be held is quite exciting. SBY will no longer served as RI1, and some candidates have trying to self-campaign themselves as the next president of the republic of indonesia. I dont want to discuss who is the best president candidates to be chosen, but i like to discuss what is actually indonesia most fundamental problem that need to be solved by who ever will the next President be.

First, he or she (our future president) need to think like einstein, be fashionable like lady gaga and kick ass like Mad Dog (the raid)…can you imagine that, just kiddo. First they need to put the best person in each Ministry based on his or her vision to make the Ministry have main priorities to cut lose red tape and coruption. Coordinate with the ministry of finance to have at least 30% of National budget being allocated for infrastructure development with 1:3 ratio focus to outside java. The main purpose is to build as many as possible public facilities as economic physical support like road, electrical power, port, etc.

Second, do the regulatory reform that focused on facilitating private sector with national tagline “quicker, faster, better and free!” to such area like opening new business, permits, legalise document, export and import, etc.

Third, give a support and legal incentives to company that can impose a value added products, hire more employee and pay more taxes. This kind of company need to be support and encourage to create a sustainable development against global crisis.

Last but not least, by improving our national education across nation. Education need to be cheap and inclusive, every children in papua need to have the same access of information like children in Menteng have. By improving our educational level hopefully more people can write and think something to improve this country.

In conclusion, by improving our infrastructure, reforming our regulation, facilitating our private sector, and increasing our educational level will at least bring Indonesia into a better economic condition. This wont happen who ever our next president is, but it will only happen if you choose someone who choose this country to be better.

  1. Gilang Adi Nugroho
    June 25, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    I dunno that u r blogging. Overall, it’s a good writing, I like the last part of its, trying to convince ppl for the next election. Unfortunately, how many ppl in Indonesia can choose moved by their heart and be logical? Still, we can be blamed for trying right? Hahaa. Good luck and keep on writing bro.

    • June 27, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      LOL, iseng bro… Udah masuk kantor ya? Kapan berangkat kuliah?

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