About Me

Someone who respect Idea, Creativity, and Leadership

I’m a simple and articulated kinda a person who do care about friendships, trust, and dignity. Easy to get to know with, care with something small, hope to make a different in a good way for family. Believe in the power of dreams and law of attractions. So don’t get bored with my ambition. Willing to deal with something worst in order to achieve one big thing.

Each articles written in this blog is truly my humble opinion, I do respect other’s view. So if someone being imposed on my words I am sorry and I don’t have any intention to do so. Cheers…

  1. nia becks
    September 25, 2007 at 6:04 am


    weww, a silent killer!!
    yupyup, a great silent killer with the brilliant brain.. i think!

    A person who always try to make a black to be white.

    Thankful for always tell me the amazing story in this beautiful world.

    keep up explore your mind and always share to us..

    nice smile,

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